Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two 40lb. Suitcases and One Carryon With the Goods that Would Make a Thief’s Day

I have never left home for very long, so I never knew these tell tale signs you are leaving.  First, you begin to you ask yourself, “Did I pack that?  Let me check the small pile I left behind.  If it is not there, it has to be in the heaping suitcase.”
Second, for every 9 pep talks of encouragement, you get about one comment of concern.  “You know Jen, keep some money in the money belt and some in the purse.”  “Do they have Diet Coke?”  “Don’t cross any borders.”  “Bring toilet paper and extra underwear everywhere you go.”  Or a personal favorite said by my Dad as he walked in the door last night.  “I looked into the safety in Bangkok today, and I printed out some stuff.  I think you are going to be fine.”  Ha, thanks Dad!
That being said, last night I finished packing.  Then bedtime.
I decided to meditate and clear my head, figuring it would be a good jumpstart into my days of meditation ahead.   Ha. You try making your mind quiet before hopping on a plane to go somewhere you have never been, where it is 2 degrees and you have to boil the water you drink!  I took a simpler approach.  “Damn it Jen, at least breath,” I thought, when I realized I was actually holding my breath.  I’m sure I will have times like this in Bhutan where I will feel thankful the meditating monks can’t hear what is going on in my head.  Hey, it is what it is, right?
Fly out of LAX 9PM January 27th.  Arrive in Bangkok 6AM January 29th.  3 days in the sunny city.  4 hour flight to Bhutan February 1st, 2011.

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  1. hope you made it in one piece!!! Such an adventure lies ahead Jen!!! Safe travels!!!