Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I hope we can still be friends after you read this... Yikes!

It has been warm enough to sleep without the space heater at night.  Consequently, I convinced myself it is warm enough to break down and shave my legs for the second time since I arrived.  You do the math; it’s about 1 stroke of the razor to every swish of the razor in the tub.  At least the giant black ant floating next to me didn’t seem to mind.  I only got to just below my scabby knees (see Chillip vs. Dog post) when the water began to go cold and I aborted the mission.  At least my ankles will look sexy when they occasionally and scandalously peek out from below my kira.

As if I haven’t lost enough friends already from this post, I have to confess something more horrifying.  In the midst of beginning my first year of teaching and also beginning an at home therapy program for one of my students, I have been avoiding a slightly more pressing issue in my life.  It’s amazing how things get tossed to the way side here.  I am officially embarrassed to admit, I wake up with a rash/bug bites every morning.  Actually, I lied.  I lay in bed and feel stingy, then wake up with a rash and bug bites.  In order to wash your bedding here, you must do it in the morning and hang it to dry, hoping it drys by the evening.  After nights of lesson planning, waking up to do my laundry before school has not fit into my schedule yet.  I am also not whole-heartedly convinced that my blanket would dry in time to keep me warm later that night.  “Night, night, sleep tight!  Don’t let the bed bugs bite!  If they do, let them chew!”

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