Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Joke About Tigers, But It turns Out, The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do Here is Travel

One of the things to do here at night is drive to the top of a mountain and hang out with your friends overlooking the city.  I have gone a few times now and enjoyed myself very much.  The roads are sketchy, but the views are amazing.  Last week I noticed there were a few people missing on the first day of school.  I thought little of it, but when the day was over, my principle made an announcement.

The night before, three guys from our school drove up to Buddha point and they had an accident on the way down the mountain.  Two of the teachers were teachers who had taken me to do the exact same thing in the weekends prior.  Two of the men had to get stitches and one broke his shoulder.  The 6th grade math teacher was taken to the ICU with a skull fracture and a hand injury.  Days later he was flown to India to receive further, more advanced treatment.

I am relieved to hear he is recovering.  The whole situation really has made me think twice about safety here.  The math teacher, age 23 and an only son of 8 children, had taken his paycheck home to his mother before heading off with his friends.  It is a shame that the first time he ever left the country of Bhutan had to be under these circumstances.  It may be a while before he can resume teaching me Dzongkha, but it is a relief he is getting the medical attention he needs.

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