Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Godfather

Some time ago, I received an email from a friend/father figure most formally known as “The Godfather”.  Attached to the email were pictures of us atop mountains in Peru, talk of another trip, and a string of “Knucklehead” replies basically saying “Boo-what?  I’m in.”

My journey here is bittersweet.  I would not be here if it were not for Mr. Ramirez, and therefore, every awesome view I see here reminds me of him, making me wish I were surrounded by him and the rest of the crew.

Only a few things to do… remind the people I love how much they mean to me, and TIME FOR SOME FLIPPIN’ PRAYER FLAGS ENCINITAS!

So here is the deal with prayer flags.  They are hung to bring happiness to all who see them.  They are also hung so that when the wind blows, the prayers will reach all human beings.  They promote health and wellness.  Also, some people believe the more effort you put into reaching a place to hang them, the more effective they are.

I informed a friend of mine that I needed to hang some prayer flags in a place that was windy as hell and totally awesome.  He agreed it was what needed to be done, and he met me with blessed prayer flags.  We set out on a Sunday morning with no distinct plans other than to climb and find a spot where they would most effectively share the love.

We climbed and climbed, thinking that the journey might take only an hour.  We spotted many potential places to hang them.  Each spot, either didn’t have a nice view, didn’t receive enough wind, or would not be seen by enough people.  We reached the end of a long, paved road.  We carried on up the mountain on a dirt path.  The path wound up the steep Himalayan hillside.

My legs were good and tired when we popped out into a clearing with a chorten (religious structure which you circle to pray).  Below was a view of the tiny city of Thimphu, above was a view of several monasteries, and just behind the chorten were old ancient ruins.  Seeing that our crew loves awesome views and is full of ancient ruins junkies, I knew Mr. R would have picked this spot to chill out for a bit.  My friend shimmied up a tree while I attached the other end of the prayer flags to a small shelter.

I stepped back and looked at the colorful flags.  I am no prayer flag expert, but I think we put in enough effort for the prayers to make it to you guys.  After all, I have to admit, upon stepping back to check it out, the placement was pretty damn perfect.  The sight of the flags blowing in the wind above the entire valley of Thimphu brought me happiness.  I hope the happiness reaches you in Encinitas and dances along side you at the Belly-Up Fundraiser.

Thinking of you all!  With love, J-Lo.

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