Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today I Introduced Stomachs to Bhutan (Please See Viewer Discression Advised Before Reading Further)

No really, I introduced stomachs here.  Every car of people who drove by me on my run today had clearly never seen one.  I am coming to terms with things I can control and things I cannot control here.  I alone, cannot change the fact that Bhutanese schools still use corporal punishment.  I cannot change the fact that reporting that one of my students is a victim of domestic violence, probably won’t make a large impact in her life.  On a blazing hot summer day, I CAN tie my long sleeve shirt around my neck, like all preppy, rule following humans do, and go for a run.  Keep in mind, I hiked down my long shorts and pulled up my long socks to offset the new stomach.

Anyways, dirty laundry time.  Alcoholism and teenage drug addiction are large and growing issues Bhutan is facing.  Similarly to banning smoking, the country has been taking measures to close bars earlier and implement dry Tuesdays.  It may come as a shock to you, but this is not working!

Domestic violence is another large issue along with infidelity.  A friend of mine works in the hospital psych ward and is currently defending a women in a court case who was raped by a man and whose husband is suing her for leaving him.

Apparently, what I am getting at, is that you do what you can, shut your mouth when it is time to shut your mouth, and then sometimes run with your stomach showing.

I've heard as the weather gets nicer, the King begins to ride his mountain bike on the road I was running.  I pictured K5 coming around the corner and stopping to chat.  I decided in the event that His Royal Majesty rounded the bend, I would not say, “How is your 20 year old wife to be?  Glad she is totally hot.”  Instead I would say 5 simple words and call it a day.  “Please do not ban stomachs la.”

I walked into my apartment, breathed fresh air that wasn’t cigarette smoke, drank a cold liquid that wasn’t alcohol, and did not beat my roommate.  Moments later I noticed my blog had been hacked and someone had written very true things.


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