Saturday, June 11, 2011

Viewer Discression Advised

I want to preface some of my posts by saying that the country of Bhutan has welcomed me in awesome ways.

Today as I was on a run, I was kindly stopped by a smiling older woman in a traditional kira.  She said something to me that I didn’t understand.  I smiled back.  I asked her in Dzongkha where she was going.  She told me the same place I had come from.  We smiled knowing that that would be the extent of our verbal communication because my Dzongkha is still not up to par.  As I turned and we parted ways, we watched each other for a long time.  We nodded at each other several times to say, “Have a good day," "Enjoy your walk", and "I hope to see you again.”  Our quiet interaction was pleasant, as most of my interactions here are.

Being more mindful of my emotions has allowed me to notice my happiness often.  That being said, I am also learning to accept of the fact that some things are just damn frustrating because frustration is a natural feeling to have.  I am from a culture in which we question authority.  Change often comes far after we acknowledge a problem.  Luckily the school I work at, encourages students to see things they want to change, and DO something about them.  I often find myself merely posing the questions.

Please know that I am happy and grateful to be here.  Take my crude sense of humor and one liners with a grain of salt.  Know that much of what I say is to bring smiles to faces or make my parents fear they will not be able to visit in September because I will have gotten myself kicked out of the country by then.

That being said, thank you to those of you who have made my stay here a beautiful experience.  You may now read about my stomach.

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