Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Know You Are in Bhutan When: Part 4

Everyone on the playground has a henna tattoo except for the local stray dog, whose entire head is colored blue.  Is it time to invest in playground equipment yet?

Pregnancy and Bhutanese baby jokes loose their hilarity because the nearest Planned Parenthood is in a neighboring country.

You mention you heard two people died this week of rabies and the person you are speaking to says, “oh, wow,” hardly phased and with a straight face.

You see some teenagers pulling their drunk friend out of a drainage ditch.  Is it still considered a party foul when you are up to your waist in a ditch?

You go to a birthday party and you eat cake before dinner.

There is no word for “very”.  Instead you find yourself saying, “Name Same Sim Gaye,” which translates to, “I am happy beyond the sky and earth.”

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