Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't pick your nose after making ezay!

My friends and I sat around the table of a little restaurant.  Half way through my slice of pizza I realized that above the cheese and veggies, I had added a layer of ezay that was thicker than the amount of tomatoe sauce under the cheese.  I chuckled to myself as I added some more.  I remembered a post I wrote a while back about the sadness I felt when I saw ezay instead of ranch in the pizza box.  I guess things change.

Now that I know how to make homemade ezay, I can count down the years it will take me to get a stomach ulcer.  Stomach ulcers are common here, but hey, who doesn’t like something that hurts so good and goes on anything?!! Ooooooooeeeeeeee. Shimbe!

Easy Ezay Recipe

Wash and chop dried red chiles. (some chilli powder will do if you get tired of chopping)
Add water and a bit of oil
Add onion or garlic if you would like
Blend in a food processor
Slather on everything!

Oh yah, and wash your hands!!!  I learned that the hard way.

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