Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fashion Police

Bhutan is in an interesting place in terms of development, technology, cultural preservation, and growth.  The country places a high value on maintaining culture, however, all the students learn English because the king believes the country must move forward from it’s days of seclusion, becoming part of a greater global community.  There is much evidence of this, given the country has recently developed a democracy, introduced the Internet and TV, and is putting a large emphasis on education reform.
Personally, I secretly delight in the awkward clashing of cultures when it comes to things such as national dress.  As I sat and ate lunch today, I watched a teenage boy practice his “popping” dance as two smaller boys in “ghos” admired his moves.  Better yet are the young people who wear Kiras by day and crop tops by night.  Nightclubs are full of young people wearing outfits that look like the were shipped in from Hot Topic.  Monks can be seen spinning the same prayer wheels in the main square, as young kids in skinny jeans and Crocs.
However the most hilarious fashion trend I have seen thus far, began in the H1N1 days.  My coworker informed me that, while the surgical masks were once used to serve a purpose, they have become a new fashion statement, as evidenced by the fact that they come in different colors.  AWESOME!
I can envision you hoping my next blog post has nothing to do with a “chillip in a mask.”  Don’t worry, I’m usually never up to date with the latest fashion trends anyway.

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