Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have Your Butter and Drink It Too

My dad emailed me asking what I eat here.  The answer is: all things spicy!  All Bhutanese food has chilies! Today we decided to have a break from the local food and try an old favorite.  We ordered a pizza from the only place in Bhutan that delivers.  We were so excited to open the little foil wrapped packets in the corner of the box hoping for Parmesan, ranch, or tomato sauce.  Nope!  Chile paste.  F!

During the day I pay a few bucks to eat at a canteen, where I get delicious Indian food that has probably been sitting on the shelf a few days.  No problem.  I am beginning to get a stomach of steal, which is much deserved after my first two weeks here.

I have to say, I am loving tea times, the Darjeeling tea is awesome.  I also enjoy the lemon and honey in hot water.  Even the buttertea, which you drink to welcome someone, isn’t too shabby in small doses if you set aside the fact that you are drinking butter.  Boozewise, it’s whiskey and ara.

There are no addresses here, only landmarks, so if anyone wants to ship me a soy latte, some grey goose, and chocolate, hopefully it will make it to the “Chillip” (white person) with short blond hair.

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