Sunday, February 27, 2011

It’s Official: You Can Use Powdered Milk in Anything!

In Thimpu, they have bakeries, but lets just say, the delicious aroma of soy lattes and fresh whole grain loaves never invites you in.  Most of the time, white bread it is!  Or, the baked goods just sit on the shelf until they sell, and you never know what you may get.

Tonight marks the official night that I had had enough.  I wanted some fresh, steaming bread!  So, I took matters into my own hands, reminiscing back to my backpacking days and the days of making tortillas after elementary school.  The result was a scrumptious, and not so politically correct masterpiece, called: “GHETTO BREAD”.  The recipe is as follows.

3-4 handfuls of flour (depending on your hand size of course)
2-3 pinches of salt
2 small Coffeemate-To-Go packets

1 splash of oil (whatever the cheap stuff they sell here is)
Water until you make a dough-like consistency

Next Steps:
1) Mush it up
2) Flatten it out to pancake width (maybe on the thicker side)
3) Butter a pan
4) Turn off your smoke detector if you have one (We don’t)
5) Throw it in the pan
6) Flip until golden brown on both sides
7) Add butter if you want

I have to admit, part of me pretended to be a latchkey kid in my parents kitchen as I threw whatever I could find into the bowl and thought to myself, “Someone out there may frown upon this if they walk in right now.”  GUILTY!  But I licked my fingers to taste the dough, added a bit more salt, and thought, “Hey, what the hell.” 

Now I can’t wait to go to the store tomorrow and buy some whole grain flour… Maybe even some cornmeal… Imagine the possibilities!

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