Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Down... Chrome Spinnin'

Today on my run, I came across 8 kids carrying two large sticks.
“What are you building?”
“We are driving a car Madame.”
Of course they were driving a car seeing as though they were in two rows, holding the two large sticks on the outside.  It was no Barbie Jeep or Hot Wheels Convertible, but it was a car; a stick car.  The oldest boy in the bunch must have been the driver, as he was holding the front of the branch where it split into to two parts.
In the field of Special Education, you hear endless conversations about appropriate, imaginative play.  I have to admit, the sight of a “stick car” made my Special Ed heart sing.  Sights like this remind you that you’re in Bhutan.  The only thing that could have made it more of a Bhutanese moment happened next.
“Drive safe!” I yelled, to which I got stares of complete confusion.  Driving safe is a semi-foreign concept here and obviously the phrase was new to these kids.  I refrained from my standard kid goodbye, “see you later alligator”, knowing that it would really throw them for a loop.  The driver of the car blew me a kiss and I waved goodbye.

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