Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do you take powdered milk in your instant coffee?

My principal very kindly asked me to not bring my to-go coffee cup (old Prego spaghetti sauce jar) to morning meetings.  She explained that in Bhutan, you rarely see people drinking from to-go cups at meetings.  I guess I just didn’t notice it, since many teachers in the US will tell you that meetings and coffee breaks are almost synonymous.  Those are the same teachers who see their to-go mugs as permanently connected to their upper appendages.
My principal proceeded to explain that instead, Bhutan has tea break.   I refrained from the inner monologues such as, “Will it be a problem if I consume it intravenously from a bag under my kira?”  Or better yet, “Don’t be surprised when you find me railing Nescafe in the teachers’ lounge.”
Long story short, I drink my coffee as I walk to school.  I’m all for relaxing to eat meals mindfully, yet my to-go mug is one chillip habit I do not plan on breaking any time soon.
And on a side note, please refrain from drinking from a Starbucks Coffee cup when you Skype me.  Meredith learned the hard way when I was so jealous I could not be happy for her.

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