Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dog vs. Chillip Round Two

I met an ER doctor here who told me that the most common thing she was seeing was dog bites.  She also mentioned the high risk of rabies here.  I have known all this, but I feel it is always a treat to be pleasantly reminded of such facts.
Today, as I shuffled to school in my kira, books in one arm, coffee cup in the other; I had a second run in with the gang members of “double turning”.  There they were: the two dogs I have grown to fear, but have to pass every morning.  I watched an older woman pass and the dogs barely raised an eyebrow.  A little jaded still, I crossed the road until I had sufficiently passed the dogs.  I crossed back onto the other side and then I heard them.  I turned around as they came running and barking my way.  This time I didn’t run!  Instead, I stared them down.  They stopped dead in their tracks.  My face said it all:  Spill my coffee and I will spill your insides.
Moments later, a car stopped and I heard, “Madame Jennifer, would you like a ride?”
In Bhutan, to say something is “tasty”, you point only your index finger to your cheek and twist your wrist.  “SHIMBE!”  As I sit and look out my kitchen window at the devil dogs, I can’t help but wonder why I’m the only chillip that seems to make their mouths water.  I am pretty sure that one of the dogs just noticed me, raised his head, pressed his paw to his jowl and whispered “Shimbe” to his friend.

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