Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Shave Your Head? Ridding Yourself of Attachment While Wearing Hair Accessories

I am moving in a month.  Still haven’t found a place.  Tonight my friend told me about a place 15 minutes out of town.  It may be available if a monk is not living in it.  Supposedly, the home is a bit out of the "chaos" of the city and very quiet.  My friend told me I would begin to like cats because they are everywhere there.  While I am not convinced I will begin to like creatures, the place has come to sound very appealing.  When in Bhutan, right?

While the idea of moving to a small hut, meditating, and yogaing, sounds pretty damn nice, I think it also may be in the book What White People Like, right in between “moving to third world countries” and “watching kids in uniforms sing Buddhist prayers”.  Tonight, as I shopped at the mini-shop up the street, I asked myself if I would be better off ridding myself of attachment and social constraints by purchasing one of the many large, colorful scrunchies sold everywhere, and rocking it at all the local chillip hangouts.  It may even go nice with my beige shorts and ultra functional footwear that look like water socks.  Again... when in Bhutan.

But hey, I am blond, and my name is Jennifer Adams… white as they come.  Does this mean I conform to a white stereotype and become a crazy cat lady who retreats to a mountain getaway for a year?  Perhaps.  Or, with a name from the list of most popular names to give your 80’s baby, should I do a better job representing my decade of birth?

Taking votes.

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