Sunday, April 10, 2011

Washing Away Sin

 I was grocery shopping today at Shop 7 (think 7-11, not Costco), and I saw that Bhutan carries “Virginity Soap”.  Ha... and California thought they were progressive when they started selling the Morning After Pill over-the-counter.  I am going back tomorrow to buy some bars of purity!  Good news mom and dad… I will officially be able to wear white at my wedding!  (If you don't sacrifice me first)

And in other sex ed news, my students did a skit today in which they said smoking tobacco gives you “HIV Aids”.  I stopped them dead in their tracks and kindly cleared that one up.

Later the boys of Class 6A were all sitting around snickering at a National Geographic magazine that featured semi-nude art.  They hid it from me as I walked up, hoping I wouldn’t confiscate it.

“May I see?”

“No mam”

(teacher face)

(student shows me the magazine)

“Yah… you’re in sixth grade.  You all know men have penises and women have vaginas.” (shrug with raised eye brows.  walk away)

The boys imitate my shrug as if to say, “Yah, we’re cool with that… so mature right now!”

When I hear radio hosts tell me that they can’t even get women to own up to using birth control in an interview, I think about balancing morals with the idea of getting kicked out of the country.  Then I decide not to teach a unit on sex ed.  Or at least wait until it gets later in the year.

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